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Soliparty “Boats4People” |

gepostet am 18. Juni 2012 – 10:58 von Afrique-Europe Interact

Was / Wo / Wann

Campus AAKH, Hof 2
21 Jun 2012 – 19:00

Soliparty für die Aktion “Boats4People”

ab 19:00 Uhr Filmvorführungen,


ab 22:00 Uhr Live-Musik

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VORRATSDATENSPEICHERUNG Farewell Privacy Demo am 31. März WIEN ››Anonymous Austria





Durch das Inkrafttreten der Vorratsdatenspeicherung mit 1. April 2012 haben wir jetzt zum ersten Mal die Möglichkeit, das Gesetz zu kippen:

Die verdachtsunabhängige Speicherung sämtlicher Kommunikationsdaten aller Menschen in Österreich stellt einen schweren Grundrechtseingriff dar.

Gegen diesen Eingriff beschweren wir uns gemeinsam beim Verfassungsgerichtshof

und Du bist dabei!

Eine Zusammenfassung findest du Hier

Austrian Activists Push Back Against EU Data Retention Directive

AK Vorrat Socializing 2. April 2012 19:00 – KLICK HIER

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THX TO iceland 4THE SPEECH* we stay united* ❤ VORRATSDATEN Farewell Privacy Demo WIEN

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“A united Europe, our shared future” youth photo competition ››European Youth Press

Solidarity has always been at the heart of the European project. The financial and economic crisis has shaken our bedrock values and risks upsetting the delicate social harmony that allows us all to live together. A return to values of solidarity is essential to safeguard the European social model.

Participants will be encouraged to consider aspects of solidarity within the European Union.

Solidarity can be viewed in different ways:

  • between countries in the European Union
  • between the old and the young
  • between people from different backgrounds
  • between men and women
  • between countries in the EU and the developing world.


For the photographers who submitted the 30 shortlisted photos:

  • shortlisted photograph will be showcased in the shortlisted & winners exhibition
  • international exposure on the Europe Solidarity website
  • potentially global media coverage.

For the 3 winners:

  • their winning photograph will be showcased in the shortlisted & winners exhibition
  • an InterRail pass for 1 month to travel around Europe in July and August 2012
  • a selection of the best photos from their travels around Europe will be included in the digital winners’ book
  • international exposure on the Europe Solidarity website
  • potentially global media coverage
  • return flight to Belgium and hotel accommodation for 2 consecutive nights, to attend the Europe Solidarity awards ceremony in November 2012.


Selection process:

  1. In an initial pre-selection round, a shortlist of 100 photos will be drawn up by the Europe Solidarity Pre selection Committee.
  2. From the 100, an international jury will select a shortlist of 30 (shortlist of 30 to be announced June 2012).
  3. From these 30 photographs, 3 will be selected as the final winners (winners to be announced June 2012).
  4. The 3 winning contestants will be invited to submit 50-100 of their own photographs, shot during their InterRail travels around Europe in July-August 2012, for inclusion in the digital winners’ book (September 2012).

Selection criteria

Submission of the photos will be judged according to the following criteria

  • Relevance to the topic
  • Creativity and originality of expression
  • Composition
  • Overall photographic quality.

For more information about the competition, please visit

via “A united Europe, our shared future” youth photo competition | European Youth Press.

Spanish police brutalize student protesters in Valencia <<

by Jerome Roos on February 21, 2012

Post image for Spanish police brutalize student protesters in Valencia

Conjuring up memories of Franco’s dictatorship, a peaceful student protest in Spain was violently disturbed by police assaults on harmless minors.

A peaceful protest against budget cuts in education in Valencia, Spain on Tuesday ended in bloody police repression. Conjuring up memories of Franco’s brutal dictatorship, squads of riot police violently assaulted a group of some 300 students, arresting at least 26 and leaving scores injured. YouTube footage displayed a policeman forcefully pushing two girls onto a car, while photos emerged of young kids with bloodied faces surrounded by riot police.

While the regional police chief branded the students “as the enemy” and insisted that riot police had merely deployed “proportioned physical force”, reporters on the scene confirmed that the baton-wielding police forces had even fired rubber bullets at the students. Despite the Spanish newspaper El Publico reporting “brutal police aggression”, hundreds of students took back to the streets in the evening and encircled the University of Valencia in protest.

Tuesday’s demonstrations, which come a day after over a million Spaniards took to the streets to contest the governments’s labor reforms, marked the fourth straight day of student protests in Spain’s third largest city. Valencia is one of the most heavily hit regions in Spain’s crippling debt crisis, and with the newly-appointed Rajoy government pushing through even more harsh austerity measures, budget cuts have left most schools without heating.

The images coming out of Valencia have already caused widespread indignation on social media and in the Spanish press, and are likely to feed into further protests in the days ahead. Solidarity demonstrations have been called in Madrid and Barcelona. As we previously pointed out after the crackdowns in Barcelona, New York and Oakland, this type of police violence will, in the end, only further reinvigorate our resistance.




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