Tell John Kerry ‘No tar sands, no KXL!’ when he visits London

Donnerstag, 11. April 2013

08:00 (UTC+01)

On the corner of Pall Mall and Marlborough Road


Soon, US Secretary of State John Kerry will make a fateful decision. He will decide whether or not to give the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline the go-ahead. If built, the massive KXL pipeline would be a fuse to one of the biggest carbon bombs in the world: Canada’s immense and polluting tar sands. Climate scientist James Hansen has said that fully exploiting the tar sands would be “game over for the climate.”

The KXL is intended for export, so if Kerry approves it, it will open the floodgates to filthy tar sands oil flowing into the UK. It’s in all our interests to stop this.

John Kerry will be in London on Thursday 11th April for a G8 meeting. We plan to be there when he arrives, to give him a clear message: reject the KXL, keep tar sands out of Europe!

Over the last few weeks in the US, Kerry and President Obama have been met wherever they go by people with the same No KXL message. Let’s stand in solidarity with Canada’s First Nations, our US allies, and everyone already suffering the effects of climate change, and show Secretary Kerry that this is a global concern.


The plan is to create a tableau of people and messages that Kerry (and, indeed, the Canadian foreign minister) will see as he drives past. We will bring some placards but it would be great if people can make their own. We will post some ideas of potential slogans a bit nearer the time.

We are meeting at 8 to arrange ourselves on the route holding our signs and banners, and the police (who know we’re coming and are cool with it) have told us he could drive past anytime from 8.30, so we don’t know exactly what time we’ll be done. We will then go to Buckingham Palace (just around the corner) and do a photo shoot of us and our messages! Our allies in the US have said they will work hard to let the US media know that this is happening, so we want to get some really good photos on the day to send to them.


Supported by:

UK Tar Sands Network,, Healthy Planet UK, Push Europe, UKYCC, Campaign Against Climate Change, Pembrokeshire Friends of the Earth, World Development Movement, The Climate and Health Council, People & Planet, Occupy London: Energy, Equity and Environment group, Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Climate Rush

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[…] Tell John Kerry ‘No tar sands, no KXL!’ when he visits London ( […]

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[…] Tell John Kerry ‘No tar sands, no KXL!’ when he visits London ( […]

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