SHOCKING! Animal Rights Activists Branded in Leeds (UK)! – YouTube


Veröffentlicht am 20.03.2013

Animal rights activists have been branded with hot irons today (20th March 2013) in protest of the use of animals in the meat, dairy and egg industries. The campaigners followed the lead of activists in Tel Aviv, Israel who, in October 2012, branded themselves with the number ‘269’. This was the number branded on a dairy calf who has become a symbol of animal exploitation worldwide. 269life events are planned on 21st March 2013 across the world including a solidarity event in Leeds (in honour of the brandees) where 3 activists in each location will be permanently branded with the number ‘269’ in solidarity with all animals suffering for food production.

One of the campaigners who was branded as part of Leeds event, Aran Mathai, said “I’ve always thought that it was strange that we define ourselves as a “moral and civilised” society, and yet routinely massacre…

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