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Ashima – mosaic-art melonheadgallery

Evolution of Wish – mosaic-art melonheadgallery

Laura Harris – Mosaic Artist

“Today, the world can appear fragmented and its people disconnected, mosaics allow me to fuse the pieces together to create something cohesive and beautiful , what I wish the world could be.” — Laura Harris

Portrait of a Ballerina – mosaic-art melonheadgallery

Laura Harris was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1961. She is the daughter of the late Midwest sculptor/painter, Walter Lenz. Laura has been working in mixed media, including fiber art, acrylic art and mosaic art for over 25 years.

Swan Lake Mosaic Ballerina – mosaic-art melonheadgallery

More recently, Laura has concentrated on mosaic portrait art. She uses a direct method of application whereas each piece of tesserae is permanently adhered to a substrate. After sketching out a design, each individual piece of tesserae is hand cut to create unique mosaics.

Lady with Roses…

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