Ban Fracking Ireland

Wherever hydraulic fracturing for shale gas is practiced there are cases of groundwater contamination, soil and air pollution, sickness, disease, and death in humans, wildlife, and livestock.

Exploration licences have been granted to companies which intend to use Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking) to extract shale gas if given the go ahead to proceed further.

Two licences cover large areas of the North West and South West of Ireland – namely Leitrim, Roscommon Sligo, Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal. Fermanagh is also included in the project however that, of course, is licensed under a different jurisdiction.

A third licence covers an area including Clare, Limerick, Kerry and Cork.

These areas contain some of the most pristine and, beautiful natural environments in the world. The initial project area is also a UNESCO geo park and is unique in the world.

Pat Rabbitte TD has the power to stop this process from going ahead. Please let him know that the world will not accept anything less than a ban on hydraulic fracturing in Ireland and sign our petition.

We believe Ireland holds a special place in the hearts of people around the world please help us prevent the destruction of this beautiful island.


The companies involved in the north west are Tamboran resources Ld,and Lough Allen Natural Gas Co and. In the South West the company involved is Enegi Oil.

The following link gives a brief explanation/ presentation of the process involved


Please feel free to contact the Minister, urging him to stop this process from going ahead.

Pat Rabbitte TD, Minister for Communications, Energy & Natural Resources

Constituency Office 01 678 2011,

Constituency Office 01 618 3772,

Department Office 01 678 2000,

Department Office 01 678 9807,

Email Address:

via Ban Fracking Ireland.

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