Veröffentlicht am 07.02.2013 DenkmalFilm

Der Trailer. 40 Schimpansen, 4 Frauen und die großen Themen unserer Zivilisation: Schuld, Verantwortung, Wiedegutmachung:
In a hermetically sealed off safari park in Austria our civilization’s moral challenges collide under a magnifying glass: guilt, responsibility, redemption. Fourty chimpanzees survived HIV experiments „serving mankind”. Traumatized, highly aggressive and mentally isolated. Today four caretakers manage a unique rehabilitation project, where the victims learn how to become monkeys.

“The chimpanzees show us what it means to be human” Jane Goodall

Redemption Impossible Protagonists:
Renate Foidl, Annemarie Kuti, Bettina Gaupmann, Bianca Pokorny
Michael Aufhauser, Ulrike Goldschmid, Jane Goodall, Eugen Ruffingshofer, Josef Schmuck, Daniel Slama and Geza Teleki

Redemption Impossible Crew:
a documentary by Christian Rost and Claus Strigel
Cinematography Waldemar Hauschild, Sound Marcus Gruber, Editor Julia Furch, Score & Sounddesign Wolfgang Neumann, Foley walker Otger Kunert, Production coordinator Jennifer Dietz
Commissioning Editors: Jutta Krug WDR, Franz Grabner…

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