549354_4326621764291_140681260_nThis week in Hadžići near Sarajevo, a young stray dog was brutally murdered, his decapitated body left on the ground. It appears that the dog was beaten and tortured with acid and water. The head was left as a ‘trophy’.
News report here, translation:

422579_10200730332483475_1954580101_nAfter the photos appeared on the Internet of the head of the dog, animal rights activists went to the scene and found a horrible sight. Headless corpse of a dog was lying abandoned on the ground. Among the activists was Jelena Paunović, vice president of “Život“, who appealed for the discovery and punishment of the perpetrators of this heinous act. “This is another in a series of heinous crimes of abandoned animals. Animal rights activists are daily witnesses to violations of Bosnian animal welfare law. violence against animals is just one step away from violence against people. When someone who is considered ‘normal’ uses a sharp object…

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