Hungarian Spectrum

This afternoon the new session of parliament began with a brief “victory speech” by Viktor Orbán. He described the “historic success” he managed to achieve for Hungary during the European Union’s summit that hammered out the new 2014-20 budget.

Considering that initially Hungary was going to receive about 30% less in European subsidies than in the previous seven years, one can be grateful that the actual monetary loss was only 20%–from 26 billion euros to 20 billion. However, for Viktor Orbán it is never enough to say: “We are very happy that the cuts were less substantial than we had feared.” He has to come up with a mathematical trick that can make less more. The trick lies in the fact that when the Hungarian prime minister announced his phony figures he was calculating in forints per capita. According to him, while between 2007 and 2013 660,000 forints per capita…

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