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Monitor Water Privatization

ARD Monitor – Geheimoperation Wasser, EU fördert Wasserprivatisierung

The most important political changes are sometimes hidden in the details.
At stake is nothing less than the privatization oof the water supply all over Europe.
If the Commission succeeds,a public good will become an investmet opportunity with prospects for billions of profit in Germany alone.
It is a vicotry of big multilingual corporationswho fought a long time for this privatization.
The consequences for us consumers could be tremendous.
Stefan Stuchlig and Nikolaus Steiner will show us now what we are facing there.
Water is not just H2O, water is life.
Access to water has been declared a human right by the United Nations
In Germany, water normally belongs to the cities and municipalities
so all of us – still!
But that could change soon.
With drastic consequences for Germany
The European Commission wants to start here: in Portugal
Brussels demands that the country will sell its water supply
Here, in Pacos de Ferreira the privatization of water already begun
Against the will of the citizens, as they tell us.
“In the past you could drink the water here.”
“It was good, fresh water!”
“Not anymore!”
“I’m 66 years old and have always drunk the water!”
“Now we will not even drink the water from the public well.”
“Yes, now you’re no longer meant to drink from the pubic water fountain.”
The municipality made a profit when selling it, but only once
now the citizans must live with the consequences
People show us their bills:
And indeed,the monthy amounts are horrendous,
many citizans now have problems paying for their drinking water.
“The consequence of privatization here
in Pacos de Ferreira were devasting.
We had a 400% price increase in a few years
And then again every year 6% price increase.
This is a disaster.
Crisis-hit countries such as Portugal and Greece need money,
therefore the Troika in Brussels is now secretly forcing them to sell their pubic water operators.
In the annex of the Troika contracts that MONTIOR has obtained, one can see:
In Grreece the large waterworks of Athens and Thessaloniki shall be soold.
With Portugal, the annex states
that the privatization of the national water company “Aguas de Portugal”
should be promoted
In Portugal, protests against the privatization are increasing,
because people are afraid of high prices and poor quality.
But the crisis-hit countries are just the beginning.
The EU commision now brings out the big blow.
The new proposal for the concession directive
actually hides the requirement
that the market for water supply should be opened up.
What does that mean?
Heide Rühle, the water expert of the European Greens,
has studed the proposal carefully.
She believes that the Commission is close to achieving its goal – water privatization..
“The concession policy does not make it directy,
does not open the door drectly to privatization of water.
it makes it through the back door.”
“So it opens, step by step, the possibility for private companies
to enter the market,so that the market is opened up.”
He even denies that he wants to privatize the water at all:
the powerful EU Commissioner Barnier says
that his policy would only reorganize the market.
“It’s going tostay the way it is.”
“But why do we need the directive then?”
“Because we need rules.”
“Each German municipality will continue to decide on their water,
but now we give it the opportunity to hand the water over to a private partner.”
So there it is.
The idea of the Commission: water licenses have to be tendered throughout the EU.
But this will benefit private companies
Because with the dumping prices of big corporations,
municipal operators cannot compete.
This, while 82% of Germans want the water supply to be
organized by the cities and municipalities.
Here, cities and municipalities even take back privatizations
For instance Berlin
In 1999, the water company was partially privatized
After mass protests, the city has begun to buy back shares,
an expensiive way,
but the first success for this citizens’ initiatiive.
But the new strategy of the European Commission could negate this idea.
“The new -EU directive will put everything under pressure for privatization.”
“And Berlin’s experience shows that even partial privatization,
called a public-private-partnership (PPP),
in reality only benefits private businesses.”
“They have a guaranteed profit, and we pay.”
For private investors, water is a commodity like electricity or gold.
Becaus water is an object of speculation, water is a commodity.
Analysts estimate the water market in the EU at a 3-digit billions sum.
And they want it: big companies such as Thames Water and Veolia
but also German companies RWE and Gelsenwasser
just waiting for privatization.
Water privatization seldom has the promised effects,
as a study by the University of Barcelona in 2010 confirmed:
there is evidence that after the privatization
in some places the water quality had declined.
But most of all: it doesn’t get cheaper.
Quote: “We do not find any evidence of […] relationship between private production and costs (lowering!!).”
Oliver Hoedeman: Corporate Europe Observatory
“The promises which are always associated with water privatization, <> are barely ever kept.”
“On the contrary,there is tendency to rising prices
and the promised investment into the infrastructure
hardly ever materialize”
Because money for the expensive network building does not match the quick profit.
Examples such as London or Bordeaux show:
pipes are rotting and dirt gets into the drinking water,
forcing the companes to ofton add chlorine, to maintain hygiene.
Why does the EU Commission decide against the will of the European Population?
On what studies is this based?
Who are they talking to behind those windows?
For Example, with the Steering Group.
A group of experts that advises the European Commission on issues of water policy.
The list of participants is amaziing:
it mainly includes representatives from the water industry and related sectors.
“This group is about water quality, which is also important.”
“I didn’t chose this group in person,
but you want me to say
that our expert groups should be more balanced, I agree.”
Christian Ude: President of the German Association of Cities
“It’s really unfortunate that some competition commissioner
only has in mind the needs of his partner from the CEO floors
and not the needs of the population.”
Water – a human right or water – a billion dollar business?
Brussels has already decided:
water in the future shall belong to the corporations rather than all of us.
Veiled in a European regulation the European commission tries to accomplish the project of a century.
Please take yourself time to read

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