The Elephant in the Room

The human race has a long history of wrongdoing. Focusing on just America, we have a past of denying foreigners the rights to proper jobs and housing, denying women the right to speak up and casting homosexuals into asylums for having a mental disability.

As you read those words, what is going through your mind? Reflect on it for a second. Does it make you feel uneasy? Does it seem simply uncanny, not to mention unethical that mere humans (White, Black, Hispanic, Jewish, Gay, Female, etc.) were denied rights that are so simple and so easy to give to someone—so easy in fact that it is insulting that another party ever dictated that someone could or could not have rights to it.


Gay marriage is a hot button topic for sure. The Bible says it is wrong—the Bible also says that men should have multiple wives and that a woman’s…

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