This is the face of the ivory trade . . .

by Gerean Pflug



African Wildlife Trust


Poachers move in quickly using chain saws, machetes, axes and hunting knives, to cut the tusks from elephants, often while they are still alive.  They leave the faceless, innocent, sentient being in agonizing pain to die.  The poachers will often wipe out an entire elephant family at one time.  Many of the elephants are pregnant or are nursing babies.  The babies are left traumatized and alone to starve, to die of exposure or to be fed upon by the lions.

Rangers by hundreds patrol the vast acres of land in Africa where the elephants are constantly on the move.  The rangers rarely have even the most basic of needed supplies and are generally unarmed, no match for poachers using high-powered automatic rifles and cutting-edge weaponry.  Many of the rangers…

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  theanimalspirits wrote @

Thank you for your attention to this worldwide emergency. The massacre of 40,000 elephants per year (60-100 per day) has become the greatest environmental crime on our planet. It is now estimated that if the trade of ivory is not banned worldwide, the African Elephant will be extinct by the year 2020.

There is an urgent need for all individuals world wide to take any action available to protect our planet’s precious wildlife.

~Gerean Pflug for “The Animal Spirits”

  sunnyromy wrote @

Sri Lanka to give poached ivory to Buddhist temple, flouting international agreements


  theanimalspirits wrote @

I have previously signed this petition and posted it to facebook asking others to sign and share. It is a very important petition, as are all petitions that relate to the protection of the animal species. Feel free to let me know of any other related petitions you would like me to see. We are on Facebook at:

Many Blessings!


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