Water must not be privatized! European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI)

Please read and contribute = sign initiative and invite friends!

and pelase accept also facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/117163591793941/?fref=ts.

Below you will find a link to a short to a clip about the EC’s decision, to privatize water rights

(sorry link to come up soon! must find something equivalent in english…)

Direct Link sign to the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI):


(please be patient, the server is slow sometimes)

whole campaign:


If the EC really does achieve this, it could come to dramatic price increases on a long-term basis (Portugal has already alienated its rights, and the waterprice increased 400%

Water could become an export article and water quality is not obligatory anymore to the established norms.

After having achieved already 700.000 border of our initiative hassle-free, we have new goal now:

Until the end of the week, we need 750.000 votes, and until September we need 1.000.000 (from all EC member countries), to make the EC forced to get get engaged with this.

Please be aware, that the different conditions for the completeness of personal details, vary from country of origin to country of origin. For example, signers from Austria has to verify their identity by providing their identity card’s or passport’s number

more related videos:

Blue Gold – World Water Wars


Catastroika – English

La Guerra del Agua

(sorry just spanish/german subtitles…)

*** if you find goot video material in english, please post, we have many stuff in german but few in english! **


Dear Facebook Friends

Here a Video Documentation from ARTE related to this topic:



To mark/invite all friends:

1) open event (you have already probably 🙂 )

2) accept

3) open friends-window and scroll down to the very bottom

4) whilest friends-window is open, press followng hot key:

CTRL (control) / SHIFT and “K”

(works with FireFox – other browsers you must see how to open the Jaca console)

5) Java Console will open – here you want to enter the following code:

javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName(“checkableitems[]”);for (i=0;i<elms.length;i++){if(elms[i].type=”checkbox” )elms[i].click()};

6) press enter, and all are marked 🙂


via https://www.facebook.com/events/117163591793941/?fref=ts


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