Statement on the Clean IT Project | Pirate Party Switzerland

This is a joint statement of the whole Board, all 10 Boardmembers are supporting Pascal Gloor and this Statement unanimously:

Last Sunday, the German Pirates published a press release about the Clean IT Project. Since then we had quite a campaign and some puzzled faces because on the project’s webpage the Pirate Party Switzerland is listed with Pascal Gloor as a participant.

Pascal Gloor is Vice-President of the Pirate Party Switzerland and was present at multiple meetings on the Clean IT project. Even though the Pirate Party Switzerland never participated in an official capacity, Pascal Gloor was present during the entire process, and although he is listed on the page as a participant, we are not supporters of the project. Pascal kept the board informed about the project at all times.

The current draft which leaked to the German Pirates was the text before the last meeting and does not represent the current discussion points. Major flaws have been removed. There is no newer document yet, the changes from the last meeting will be incorporated for the next meeting.

The Pirate Party Switzerland fully supports Pascal Gloor and his participation in the Clean IT Project. We believe that active participation is a good way to achieve our goals. We try to convince the decision makers of good ideas rather than choosing a path of confrontation which can only lead to a Yes/No with no leeway for improvements. We believe that the matter at hand is highly complex and an acceptable solution can only be achieved through open discussion. We think that by actively participating in the decision making process we have a good chance of influencing the direction of the project in the right way.

The meetings were not secret, but the participation was confidential – parts of the leaked document showed that the confidentiality was implemented also in order to protect the involved people from criticism on an unfinished process. The group of participants was not that closed and a leak was only a matter of time. It is obvious that taskforces need a limited number of participants to make progress and some progress has been achieved. Still, the Pirate Party Switzerland neither endorses nor supports the CleanIT project, but Pascal Gloor will continue to actively participate.

People involved in the project are getting hate mails which is absolutely not acceptable and absolutely not the way we want to communicate. We are a political party which wants to exert its influence through valid discussion and political participation. We do not accept insults and we are very disappointed that the discussion is not happening in a more constructive manner.

We want to enable an open discussion. CleanIT Projet leaders admit that a bit more openness is possible. We also hope that the leak will ensure that project communication happens more openly. The website has already changed, and the publication of the list of participants comes on the initiative of Pascal Gloor. The timing of the German Pirates press release was extremely badly chosen and since it is an international project it would be better to coordinate such releases internationally before going public. We propose to work together internationally, that’s what the PPI is for.

There are times when other parties know more, or, like in this case, are even directly involved and could actually give more accurate information. We already contacted the German pirates through the proper channel (the international coordinator), but in such a case this is obviously too slow, as we don’t have any answers yet. Blind opposition is not helpful. We hope that we can now have an open and constructive discussion on Clean IT.

For the forthcoming meeting in Vienna, it is planned to involve journalists. The idea is that each participant will be allowed to bring a journalist to the meeting – Pascal Gloor has already spoken to a journalist who would be glad to participate.

via Statement on the Clean IT Project | Pirate Party Switzerland.


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