Open letter to the Federal Ministry of the Interior | STOPP INDECT

We sent an open letter to the Federal Ministry of the Interior to get some answers about the INDECT-Project.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
we have been observing project INDECT from its start in 2009 and have been worried about its accordance with the democratic and constitutional principles of the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union.
We noticed several discrepancies between what the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) and what members of project INDECT said. In order to solve these contradictions and guard against misunderstandings, we kindly ask the following questions to be answered.
  • According to your press release, the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) refuses to make use of the results of project INDECT. But if the BMI supported the practical implementation of the project results, would the BKA have to comply? Or would the BKA have a chance to object BMI’s order by not implementing INDECT?
  • A report of the ARD-program “Kontraste” ( shows unambiguously how the BKA was taking part in project INDECT by presenting its own project “Fotofahndung” (picture tracing). Did the BKA provide assistance or advice to project INDECT in any other respect? Is the BKA involved in project INDECT in any form at the time being?
  • In your letter “Ausschusssache 17(4)414″ (Report to the Committee on Internal Affairs of the German Bundestag  about the form, extent and objectives of the participation in the European research project INDECT), page 2, line 2f mention the “acquisition of multimedia content”. What multimedia content is meant and how is it to be acquired?
  • INDECT is financed mainly by the European Union. How much money has been supplied to the project, by the EU as well as by the German federal government? Are any further payments planned by either the EU or the German Federal government? If yes: How much and when?
  • INDECT startet research in 2009; the project was to last five years. Will the research definitely end in 2013? Would an earlier or later end date be possible for the EU and/or the BMI or is that planned?
  • Several European organisations take part in research and development within the project INDECT. What is the current concept of the German Federal government for the cooperation between the German Federal government respectively othe European governments and the private organisations concerning the implementation of project INDECT. What does the communication chart look like?
  • Does the BMI ensure that such technologies won’t be sold to dictatorships for sole economical reasons? If yes: How would that be ensured?
We are looking forward to your answers and hope that you can help us in understanding better the motivation the INDECT research is driven by. This letter and your answers may be published.

via Open letter to the Federal Ministry of the Interior | STOPP INDECT.


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