Greece publishes names of major individual debtors

In an effort to name and shame individual suspected tax evaders with debts of more than 150,000 euros owed to the Greek state, a list of 4,152 debtors was released on Sunday.

The long promised list of major individual debtors who are suspected of tax evasion was finally published by the Greek ministry of finance on Sunday. Athens News reported the list comprises 4,152 debtors who each owe more than 150,000 euros to the state, with a total debt of 14.877 billion euros.

The list only includes individuals who have not yet entered into any payment arrangement. Although the list was compiled in November 2011 the authorities required clearance from the Hellenic Data Protection authority before they could make the information public.

Topping the list with a tax debt of 952 million euros is Thessaloniki accountant Nikos Kassimatis, whom Ta Nea reports is convicted of illegal VAT refunds.

In September 2011 Digital Journal reported that the names of companies and organizations that owed taxes was made public, and at the time it was expected that the list of individuals would follow shortly after. The intention was much trumped as a means to name and shame tax evaders.

Also making the list of debtors is legendary Greek singer Tolis Voskopoulos.

via Greece publishes names of major individual debtors.


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