Originally posted on Climate Connections:

The Huffington Post published an article today by Andrew Hessel calling for “Another Human Genome Project” to promote “countless new biotech applications.” “To me,” Hessel writes, “it seems a no-brainer when it comes to big ideas in the

Artwork: Doug Minkler

genetic space.”

In our ongoing coverage of synthetic biology leading up to the March 29 conference Unmasking The Bay Area Bio-lab and Synthetic Biology: Health, Justice, and Communities at Risk, we present the HuffPo article, followed by a response that Climate Connections solicited from one of the leading critics of biotechnology and synthetic biology, Jaydee Hanson of the International Center for Technology Assessment.

Hanson counters the call for a new human genome project, making the point that, “What is needed now is not a Facebook generation project to remake the human genome, but rather a project to do what the computer engineers calling themselves biologists have not been able…

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